5 Tips for Shopping Online That Everyone Should Follow

shopping_online_Online shopping has provided a more convenient way of getting hold of products without actually visiting a physical store. Gone were the days when you have to travel far and wide in order to avail of holiday stores or black Friday deals, never to mention the rush of shopping during holidays. I order everything under the sun online from custom koozies to shoes to electronics.

But not because shopping has been brought online, you are free to be at ease. There are still some tips that you should follow in order to find satisfaction in online shopping. Here are some;

Make sure that the site where you are shopping is a legitimate site. If you can see a padlock on the top rightmost corner of your browser, the site is secured with an SSL certificate that secures the connection between you and the site. Make sure to get this considered first so that you will never get caught in fraud.

Next, never ever share your account information through email. This is to protect you from getting in trouble with online thieves. Some of these thieves might send you email asking for information. Keep private information secured and remember that a legitimate site will never ask for personal info like your password.

When you are using credit cards, make sure that you are only taking one credit card for online shopping. Should there be some problems that will arise you only have one credit card company to face to save you also from hassles.

Online shopping will also give you the convenience of taking discounted deals. Discounts are not only for physical stores because you can get this actually online too. There are different blog sites offering a list of sites having discounts in order to save more on cash. Check sites like Slickdeals first before you go online shopping.

And lastly, once you are sure to buy items on a certain online store, buy as much item as you need in a single site. This is so to save on shipping costs. Shipping costs would actually allow a certain maximum weight so there is a great deal over maximizing it to save more.

Online shopping is already a convenient deal that you can just take a grab even at home. But of course, there is a great deal over being careful too. The tips that are brought to you are helpful ones in order to make sure that you will get satisfaction over shopping online by making sure that you are protected with legitimacy.

How to Walk in Heels? A guide for my girls

If you have never worn high heels and you would like to start then this is a great guide that will teach you the basics. Women that wear high heels look sexy, confident and of course a bit taller! So take your heels out and practice, practice, practice!
1.    Start with a smaller heel. Do not practice with a stiletto. Use a small 2 to 2 ½ inch pair and when you are able to walk confidently in them you could try a taller pair. Choose heels that have a closed toe first so your shoes will be able to hold the entire weight of your feet better. You can also try using heels with straps first so you can get used to a firm hold on your feet.
2.    Walk heel to toe and not the other way around. This is the most appropriate way to walk on heels since you will less likely to fall or do unnecessary movements that can make you miss your step. Walk in a straight line so you will learn how two balance yourself better in heels.
3.    Walk slowly; it is a given that you will walk slower in heels but make sure you do so to avoid any accidents or troubles in the long run. If you must walk downstairs or climb upstairs then you should also walk slower, hurrying can only increase your risk of falling into an accident.
4.    Invest in a strong pair. Cheap high heels will only break easily and could even cost you accidents. Choose a neutral color pair of heels so you could match them with any color of wardrobe.
5.    Practice every day. Instead of wearing slippers at home, practice walking in heels. Climb stairs, walk in inclines and try to walk in a straight line so you will ultimately learn how to walk with confidence.
6.    Practice and learn from models. Turn on your TV to the fashion channel and see how models do it! Strut and walk like them or better yet, make your learning fun by wearing different outfits as you learn how to walk in heels. You may even try to learn with friends!
All in all you will be able to learn how to walk in heels when you invest in time and effort. Your patience will be rewarded when you practice and learn every day!

Brands That are Sustainable and Fashionable at the Same Time

A clash crop cotton grower in Mali is giving up on life. He admits that he does not want his children to grow up as cotton farmers because he believes that they will have no future. Moussa Doumbia explains that he is bothered about his family’s future. He lies awake each night wondering if he would be able to purchase medicines for him and his children afflicted with malaria. He wonders if he will also be able to support his family with an annual income of $322 which is less than a dollar each day.
What Moussa does is he does not rely on growing cotton alone. He also farms other crops such as peanuts, beans, rice, and corn to be able to feed his family. He also raises cattle such as sheep and oxen to augment his family’s growing needs.
Cotton farmers the foundation of fashion industry
Beyond the glamour of the fashion industry are the cotton farmers, the backbone of every clothing brand and fashion style yet clothing companies rarely interact with them. Companies have ignored cotton farmers and overlooked their needs but what these large-chain clothing companies don’t know is that if you ignore cotton farmers, you are also ignoring fashion.
A large portion of the global cotton supply is actually being grown by more than 30 million small-scale cotton farmers and like Moussa these farmers are found in least developed countries. These farmers are not just dependent on the small income that they receive growing cotton but they are also vulnerable to factors such as low and fluctuating prices, undermining middle men and so much more.
On the other hand, growing cotton in developing countries is more sustainable. There is less impact to the environment and costs less compared to large-scale cotton production. To highlight how cost efficient and smaller environmental impact small –scale cotton growing is, cultivating cotton in West Africa is actually rain-fed. You can also count on small-scale cotton growing as cheaper than industrialized cotton production; in Benin it only costs about 30 cents to produce a pound of cotton while it costs 68 cents in the United States.
But lately changes like Fairtrade has made it possible to highlight small cotton growers like Moussa and to give small farmers a chance to improve their production. Fairtrade is a new trend that preserves the values of investing in cotton farming and invites all clothing brands to join in. this trend sees a great shift that can happen in the future that will help all small farmers and the use of sustainable cotton sources.

Custom Koozies For The Party Are here!

Custom Koozies For The Party Are here!
I decided to get custom koozies for Bob’s Birthday From www.expressimprint.com . If you read my last post on koozies then you are certainly know I was looking for some koozies that were personalized! And I found some at Express Imprint. They are sleeves that are fitted on a beverage can or a bottle to keep the drink cold or warm. As opposed to the idea of using koozies only for beer, new materials like foam and neoprene have made koozies not just a beer-drinker’s dream and you can get these  custom printed can coolers online, but also for regular folks who just want to keep their drinks just the way they are.
How Do I plan on Using them:

1. Use your koozie souvenirs to actually place a cold canned beverage or a bottled drink to prevent the drinks from getting cold or getting warm. Koozies are made of neoprene or thick foam that can help keep cold drinks ice cold even when it has been served several minutes ago. It may also serve as a coaster to avoid spilling water or drinks on the party table.

2. Koozies may help your guests identify their own drinks. Since drinks will surely be identically served in your party which can easily confuse guests. Show your pals that with a marker, you could write over a koozie to quickly identify which drink is yours.

3. Koozies may otherwise be given at the end of the party as a souvenir. Wrap these on a special plastic or paper wrapper and place a ribbon on top. Place a small note to thank your guests for coming. Koozies may also be sent through mail to friends or family that were unable to attend your party or event.

– Bird Speak