Perfect Things to Write on Birthday Greetings Card

What you write on birthday cards while gifting it to someone? The most common thing is to wish by ‘Happy Birthday.’ But, you can be more creative. After all, greetings card are a certain designer piece of papers which not only go according to the person you are gifting but also shows your affection, care, and love for that person.

You can write many things on a greetings card, depending on whom you are giving it. If it is a card to your boss, keep it simple with an only wish and a smiley. If you are giving it to your beau, tell how much important h/she is to you. Birthday greetings card comes with specific characteristics. Often you don’t need to say anything, and your heart just gets opened to the person you are giving it.

What to Write Birthday Card for Friends

Whom are you sending a birthday card? Is it for your friend? Then you can make it funny to bring smile and laughter to h/her face with a humorous birthday wish. Wishing birthday in a funny way to a friend will definitely make h/her happiest. Imagine if your friend is staying alone abroad and missing your old group very much on birthday, how a lovely birthday wish can make h/her day! You can send e-cards with wishes like “We are missing you a lot! L Specifically, your treats, dear! Happy Birthday! J. This will remind h/her all funny moments, and the person will feel good. Certain hilarious birthday wishes are-

  • “Happy Birthday. BTW, have you put right numbers of candles on the cake? :”
  • “What’s in age? It’s just a number. But, in your case, the number is only increasing”

So, these are certain funny things you can say to your friend and see how quirky answers you will receive. But, remember, your main aim is to make your friend happiest on that special day. Don’t tell things that can hurt them.

How to Wish Your Boss on Birthday through a Card

You have to be very careful while writing messages on a birthday card that you are going to give to your manager or boss. Don’t get yourself on the bad book or the worse, fired! While you are in the corporate world, there should be a professional undertone in everything. Therefore, you need to be cautious not only what to write on cards, but you should be careful of choosing the card itself. For example, you can give your boss a birthday card that shows a bouquet of yellow roses on it or something that shows ‘the best boss ever.’ But, you can’t think of gift a card with red roses or teddy bear. NEVER! Now, what to write on a birthday card for the boss? You can write things like-

  • “Thanks for being the best coach ever to play the game of life. Happy Birthday, Sir/Ma’m”
  • “Happy Birthday, Sir. Wish you achieve all your goals and good fortune knock at your ”

There is always a professional and a bit serious and sober tone in wishing birthday to your boss through cards. Try it.

Birthday Cards for Parents

This is the place where you can do anything, and they will love it. Parents never feel that you can do anything wrong about them. Whatever you do to them is super special. Still, you can’t take them granted as they never take you so. Pour all your love and respect into the card while wishing them and give it to them. You don’t want to miss those tears of joy in their eyes.

Birthday cards and wishes are really special. You can write anything that you want to tell to that person. The only motto is to tell that another year of their life is going to be beautiful and you will be a part of it.

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5 Tips for Shopping Online That Everyone Should Follow

shopping_online_Online shopping has provided a more convenient way of getting hold of products without actually visiting a physical store. Gone were the days when you have to travel far and wide in order to avail of holiday stores or black Friday deals, never to mention the rush of shopping during holidays. I order everything under the sun online from custom koozies to shoes to electronics.

But not because shopping has been brought online, you are free to be at ease. There are still some tips that you should follow in order to find satisfaction in online shopping. Here are some;

Make sure that the site where you are shopping is a legitimate site. If you can see a padlock on the top rightmost corner of your browser, the site is secured with an SSL certificate that secures the connection between you and the site. Make sure to get this considered first so that you will never get caught in fraud.

Next, never ever share your account information through email. This is to protect you from getting in trouble with online thieves. Some of these thieves might send you email asking for information. Keep private information secured and remember that a legitimate site will never ask for personal info like your password.

When you are using credit cards, make sure that you are only taking one credit card for online shopping. Should there be some problems that will arise you only have one credit card company to face to save you also from hassles.

Online shopping will also give you the convenience of taking discounted deals. Discounts are not only for physical stores because you can get this actually online too. There are different blog sites offering a list of sites having discounts in order to save more on cash. Check sites like Slickdeals first before you go online shopping.

And lastly, once you are sure to buy items on a certain online store, buy as much item as you need in a single site. This is so to save on shipping costs. Shipping costs would actually allow a certain maximum weight so there is a great deal over maximizing it to save more.

Online shopping is already a convenient deal that you can just take a grab even at home. But of course, there is a great deal over being careful too. The tips that are brought to you are helpful ones in order to make sure that you will get satisfaction over shopping online by making sure that you are protected with legitimacy.

How to Walk in Heels? A guide for my girls

If you have never worn high heels and you would like to start then this is a great guide that will teach you the basics. Women that wear high heels look sexy, confident and of course a bit taller! So take your heels out and practice, practice, practice!
1.    Start with a smaller heel. Do not practice with a stiletto. Use a small 2 to 2 ½ inch pair and when you are able to walk confidently in them you could try a taller pair. Choose heels that have a closed toe first so your shoes will be able to hold the entire weight of your feet better. You can also try using heels with straps first so you can get used to a firm hold on your feet.
2.    Walk heel to toe and not the other way around. This is the most appropriate way to walk on heels since you will less likely to fall or do unnecessary movements that can make you miss your step. Walk in a straight line so you will learn how two balance yourself better in heels.
3.    Walk slowly; it is a given that you will walk slower in heels but make sure you do so to avoid any accidents or troubles in the long run. If you must walk downstairs or climb upstairs then you should also walk slower, hurrying can only increase your risk of falling into an accident.
4.    Invest in a strong pair. Cheap high heels will only break easily and could even cost you accidents. Choose a neutral color pair of heels so you could match them with any color of wardrobe.
5.    Practice every day. Instead of wearing slippers at home, practice walking in heels. Climb stairs, walk in inclines and try to walk in a straight line so you will ultimately learn how to walk with confidence.
6.    Practice and learn from models. Turn on your TV to the fashion channel and see how models do it! Strut and walk like them or better yet, make your learning fun by wearing different outfits as you learn how to walk in heels. You may even try to learn with friends!
All in all you will be able to learn how to walk in heels when you invest in time and effort. Your patience will be rewarded when you practice and learn every day!